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2007 - till present. Starting from 2005 we've been working on creating special services for immigrants from the former Soviet Union republics. The result of this work in 2007 was the creation of operator 0038.CZ. MOBITEL was directly involved in the development and creation of 0038.CZ in collaboration with T-Mobile Czech Republic a.s. Company 0038.CZ in cooperation with MOBITEL provides mobile prepiad, mobile postpaid, fixed telecom services, as well as information services and advertising.


2006 MOBITEL enters into co-operation with Sympac, a subsidiary of Netherlands KPN mobile operator. Sympac is a European provider of customized mobile services. In partnerrship with MOBITEL Sympac offers the same favorable price structure to multinational companies with branches in Czech Republic as in other European countries.

Sympac provides customers in the Czech Republic with a network connection via the mobile network of Telefónica O2. Customers benefit from the competitive flat rates for calls and for On-Net international calls in all the countries in which Sympac operates. The contract in the Czech Republic means that customers of Sympac will be supplied by MOBITEL with phones, SIM cards and accessories. In addition, MOBITEL gives customers pre- and after-sales support and the helpdesk is available for customers’ queries.


2005 MOBITEL co-operates with BMW – the largest German automotive producer – obtaining Russian and Ukrainian certificates for car phones installed in BMW cars. MOBITEL’s offer attracted the car producer because it allowed for conducting all the necessary procedures including equipment testing in the shortest possible time. With MOBITEL’s assistance BMW  obtained all  certificates allowing for installing of car phones systems in the cars imported to Russia and Ukraine. At the moment BMW user in Russia and Ukraine already have the opportunity to enjoy car phone systems certified by BMW.


2004 MOBITEL receives an invitation to participate in a tender on  providing and installing  service platforms for the URS mobile operator (Ukraine, now – the subsidiary of Russian VympelCom).
After the detailed analysis of offers available in the market MOBITEL finds Protei the developer and producer offering solutions   which meet all the operator’s requirements. MOBITEL, together with Protei’s experts, prepares a bid for the operator. This bid includes such services as Who Called (missed calls notification), IVR, Voice Mail, Call Center.  MOBITELProtei joint offer proves to be the best, the company wins the tender. Momentarily, the operator offers its subscribers various services with high added value based on Protei’s solutions.


2003-2005  MOBITEL realizes a project implying complex support and promotions of PHILIPS GSM in Ukraine and Moldavia. MOBITEL’s task is to introduce the PHILIPS brand to Ukrainian and Moldavian mobile phones users and make it one of the most popular ones.

MOBITEL’s first step was to receive certificates necessary for importing PHILIPS mobile phones into Ukraine and Moldavia. MOBITEL participated in developing and conducting marketing campaigns aimed at increasing the brand’s recognition by local consumers.  MOBITEL WHOLESALE operated as the producer’s distributor in the local markets.


2000 - 2002 MOBITEL realizes a project on creating a national dealer chain Eurotel Ukraine. MOBITEL develops the chain’s expansion strategy, its marketing policy, acts as the chain’s operating manager. As a result, by 2002 Eurotel Ukraine becomes the market leader consisting of 142 outlets in 42 cities. At that moment Eurotel Ukraine is the number 3 dealer according to the contract activations and the number 2 dealer according to the number of pre-paid contracts sold of the Ukrainian leading operator UMC. At the pique of its success the chain is sold to several profile investors.


1995 - 1999 MOBITEL participates in creating and developing the MOBITEL Ukraine dealer chain.   In a few years the number of chain’s outlets increased to 100. MOBITEL takes part in developing the chain strategy and acts as an operating manager. At the moment 85% of the chain’s shares belong to the Germanos Group of Greece.
The MOBITEL Ukraine project was the MOBITEL’s first step to consulting activity. The project success lead to creation in 2002 a separated business unit - MOBITEL CONSULTING (now MOBITEL BUSINESS CONSULTING).



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